The Contemporary Money Hall presents the modern-day banknotes and coins used in different countries. Banknotes are exhibited in special drawers, each dedicated to one of 200 states across the globe. The sensors on the drawers connect to a video wall (screen), which provides additional information about the selected country: its political system, size, population, GDP per capita, all denominations of circulation banknotes and coins as well as other economic and financial data.

The exhibition pays particular attention to the Bank of Lithuania – its history since establishment in 1990 to the present day, path towards the European System of Central Banks and actions taken in adopting the euro. The exhibits introduce the issuance of contemporary Lithuanian money, its production materials, technological solutions employed by different producers as well as demonstrate uncirculated specimen banknotes. You can also use computer displays to find more information on the functions of the Bank of Lithuania, familiarise yourself with banknote security features and even check the authenticity of one your banknotes under a UV lamp.