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Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania
Totorių g. 2/8, LT-01121 Vilnius
+370 659 22 966
+370 699 79 409
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For visitors with mobility impairments. There is one elevator near the entrance and the second one inside that makes it easier to reach the exhibition halls on both floors of the building. Special buttons allow visitors to position the magnifying glasses at eye level in order to better see the coin collections exhibited on the moving stands. All handles of the pull-out stands can be easily reached at any height.
For visually impaired visitors. We offer a special audio guide with conventional tactile buttons. The numbers on the stands are written in a larger font size. Anti-slip treads on the stairs protect visitors from slipping and serve as tactile bands.
For visitors with hearing impairments. We offer a special sign language guide/tablet. The tour route is marked with a hand symbol.

Kaunas exhibition

Maironio g. 25, LT-44250 Kaunas
[email protected]
+370 630 94 477

The exhibition is temporarily closed.