Presentation of a Catalogue took place in the Museum


On 10 September, the presentation of the latest publication of the Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania took place at the Money Museum. The Museum was flooded with honourable guests, who congratulated the author on this special occasion. The guests praised warmly the result of the diligent and meaningful work done by the creative team.


The Catalogue was presented by its author Vincas Ruzas — a historian, museologist, Senior Specialist at the Money Museum. The author thanked sincerely those who had contributed to the release of the publication for their assistance, patience and hard work. V. Ruzas talked about how the idea to write a catalogue came to his mind: when, in 2010, the Money Museum opened an exhibition of coins of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (GDL), the idea emerged to show the available collection in a separate publication that would also include the exhibits not on display. This marked the beginning of diligent work that took four years.

‘A museum is not just exhibits — a museum is primarily the people who are capable of making those exhibits speak. I congratulate the author of the book, who managed to make two and a half thousand GDL coins tell us about themselves. Let these coins speak, let them provide the cultural, historic meaning of identity,’ said Giedrius Simonavičius, Director of the Communications Department at the Bank of Lithuania.

According to Vidmantas Laurinavičius, Head of the Money Museum, the issue of this Catalogue is a cultural event significant for museology as a whole.

Congratulations to the author of the book!

Coins of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania at the Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania is a publication featuring all the money from this period accumulated in the Money Museum, from the first Lithuanian bars to the last coins minted at the Vilnius Mint in 1666. At the same time the reader is introduced to separate historical periods; an overview of the development of Lithuanian money is given. The Catalogue also publishes Lithuanian counters of treasurers, minted at the Vilnius Mint, other museum material illustrating the history of the money of the GDL.

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