Information regarding the €2 commemorative coin dedicated to Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve


Please be informed that some of the BU-quality €2 commemorative coins dedicated to Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve in a numismatic package contain a manufacturing error in the inscription on the edge of the coins. Instead of an inscription in Lithuanian “LAISVĖ * VIENYBĖ * GEROVĖ *” the edge of the coins features an inscription in Latvian “DIEVS * SVĒTĪ * LATVIJU”.

The coins were manufactured at the Lithuanian Mint. The Bank of Lithuania contacted the Lithuanian Mint with a request to find out the circumstances of the incident and to ensure the prevention of such errors in the future. The Lithuanian Mint is conducting an internal investigation and has undertaken additional process control and prevention measures. According to the preliminary data, the error coins comprise up to 10% of the mintage of the BU-quality €2 commemorative coins in a numismatic package. The Lithuanian Mint apologises for the present situation.

The Bank of Lithuania apologises for the error and reminds that numismatic items sold by the Bank of Lithuania have a 2-year warranty calculated from the date of transfer of a numismatic item to the buyer. In addition, the buyer has the right to return the numismatic items purchased at the e-shop ( by terminating the purchase-sale agreement within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the numismatic item.

Buyers wishing to exchange the error coins should apply to the Bank of Lithuania cash offices. More details on maintenance and return of the items under warranty are available here. If you have any questions, please contact us by email [email protected].

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Bank of Lithuania