€2 commemorative coin celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Erasmus Programme

On 1 July, the Bank of Lithuania will issue into circulation a €2 commemorative coin to mark the 35th anniversary of the Erasmus Programme. To celebrate this anniversary, coins of the same design will be issued by all nineteen euro area countries. So far, four commemorative coins have been issued jointly.

“This is only the fifth commemorative coin issued jointly by all euro area countries in the 20 years of euro’s history. It demonstrates the importance and significance of this anniversary for the entire European Union. Throughout the Erasmus Programme period, over 10 million Europeans have had the opportunity to study abroad and thus enrich their personal and professional lives. From now on, the new €2 coin, which also commemorates Erasmus of Rotterdam, the famous European humanist and philosopher, will serve as a reminder of the programme,” says Asta Kuniyoshi, Deputy Chair of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania.

The national side of the coin features the profile of Erasmus of Rotterdam, name of the programme in Lithuanian ERASMUS PROGRAMA (ERASMUS PROGRAMME), inscription LIETUVA (LITHUANIA) and the years 1987–2022 on the right side of the lower semi-circle. It also features the mintmark of the Lithuanian Mint, initials of the designer and twelve stars of the EU flag in a circle. The edge bears the inscription LAISVĖ*VIENYBĖ*GEROVĖ (FREEDOM*UNITY*WELL-BEING). The common side of the coin is the same as on €2 circulation coins.

The design of the commemorative coin was chosen by EU residents by voting online. They could vote for one of six options selected by a professional jury from more than 70 entries. The winning coin was designed by Joaquin Jimenez and received 22,000 votes (over 72,000 participants voted in total).

The €2 commemorative coins with the Lithuanian national side celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Erasmus Programme were minted at the Lithuanian Mint. The Lithuanian coins will be issued in a mintage of 300,000, while the total mintage of all coins issued in the euro area is 37 million. These commemorative coins will be legal tender across the euro area.

“The Erasmus Programme is one of the greatest achievements of the European Union. It provides a life-changing experience that often determines personal and professional choices of its participants, offers indelible memories on what it means to live in the EU and creates a sense of solidarity between Europeans. Tens of thousands of Lithuanian participants have already benefitted from the programme and can testify to this. I am pleased to see that the 35th anniversary of Erasmus is also celebrated by issuing a special euro coin minted at the Lithuanian Mint,” says Marius Vaščega, Head of the European Commission Representation in Lithuania.

Commemorative coins celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Erasmus Programme with the Lithuanian national side can be exchanged according to their denomination at the Bank of Lithuania Cash Offices in Vilnius and Kaunas up to a maximum of five rolls (125 pcs) per person per day. The exchange service is free of charge. Residents will also be able to receive coins through points of sale, and they will be used in daily settlements.

So far, all euro area countries have jointly issued four commemorative coins: to mark the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome in 2007, the 10th anniversary of the Economic and Monetary Union in 2009, the 10th anniversary of euro banknotes and coins in 2012, and the 30th anniversary of the European Union flag in 2015.

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Bank of Lithuania