Location: Prospect Gallery (Gedimino pr. 43, Vilnius)

25 June 2013 marked 20 years since the litas was introduced in Lithuania after restoring the state’s independence. To commemorate this occasion, the Money Museum, together with the Lithuanian Photographers Association and the Lithuanian Press Photographers Club, organised an exhibition/competition “Money in Photographs II”. It featured 50 photographs selected from the 400 submitted works introducing the picturesque and intriguing world of money. 

The peculiar approach to money demonstrated by artists who represented different styles and generations proved that money can also be a source of inspiration and a piece of art. The geography of the artworks was very broad – the photographs were taken not only in Lithuania, but even in the farthest corners of the world. The jury, set up from representatives of the Bank of Lithuania and the Lithuanian Photographers Association, selected the photograph “Still-life with LTL 200” (2013) by Stanislovas Bagdonavičius as the first-place winner, “First donations to the Sąjūdis” (1988) by Virgilijus Usinavičius as the second-place winner, while the third place went to three pictures: “Exposure” (2013) by Jolanta Klietkutė, “Banknote counterfeiting is punishable by law” (2010) by Modestas Patašius and “The other life of money” (2013) by Monika Uldukytė. The consolidation prize was awarded to Virgilijus Usinavičius for his cycle of six photographs “End of talonas” (1992).

The first exhibition “Money in Photographs” was organised jointly by the Money Museum and the Lithuanian Art Photographers Association in 2002, to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the Bank of Lithuania.

Exhibition catalogue