Location: Bank of Lithuania (Gedimino pr. 6)

In cooperation with Adomas Varnas, Head of the Caricature Section of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association and a famous cartoonist, the first exhibition “Money in Caricature” was organised.

In keeping with its spirit, the exhibition was opened by two men with amusing surnames: Reinoldijus Šarkinas (meaning magpie), Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania, and the artist Jonas Varnas (meaning crow). The exhibition attracted both the most prominent Lithuanian cartoonists that had taken part in many international and republican exhibitions and young promising talents. 

22 artists from all around the country submitted their works for the exhibition on money and related public life phenomena. The majority of more than 100 displayed caricatures and satirical pieces of plastic art were created by cartoonists from Vilnius and Kaunas. A caricature is a depiction of a person, event or phenomenon, deliberately highlighting, distorting or mocking their characteristic features. Money, being an integral part of modern civilisation, has become an expressive instrument for reflecting money-related issues of modern society, comical relationships and various daily situations. Since people can easily recognise themselves in satirical metaphors and hyperboles, the exhibition attracted a lot of interest. Irrespective of the chosen theme – the litas pegged to the euro, the euro-dollar “battle” or money production – a cartoonist would find a way to express it through allegory or even irony.