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Ancient Baltic deities that brought fortune to people

Well, supernatural powers are one right answer. ... Sudovians believed them to be the helpers of Puškinaitis, the god of farming.

Lithuanian Bank of Commerce

, he established one of largest insurance companies called Lithuanian Lloyds; he also owned a quite successful ... Its clients kept large sums of money in their accounts, and the bank, based on the banking operations

Bronius Povilaitis - the first Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania

Exactly 30 years ago, on 13 March 1990, in accordance with the Supreme Council – Reconstituent Seimas ... When Povilaitis first started working, there basically was no bank as such yet, there was no adopted

Creating a RegTech solution: 3 stages

invites financial innovators to participate in the creation of a RegTech solution which would allow the supervisor ... to automatically obtain data required for supervisory purposes, thus reducing the administrative burden

The Bank of Lithuania, important dates. Litas pegged to the euro

Such a commitment was made considering the fact that since 1994 this regime was one of the most important

LTL 1,000 and other denominations of banknotes never issued into circulation offered for sale

Subsequent issues of banknotes in this denomination were improved by the artist Giedrius Jonaitis.

Collector coins dedicated to Joninės feature a stylised fern blossom

The reverse of the coins features symbols characteristic of Joninės: a blooming fern, the moon, the sun

Resolutions of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania: Coin dedicated to Scouts to be issued

The amended regulations also lay down that the Commission for Granting Awards shall submit offers for ... The Board of the Bank of Lithuania so decided, supplementing the plan for coin issue.

Coin dedicated to Vilnius – a testament to a thriving capital

One million of such coins minted are legal tender across the euro area. ... One million of such coins minted are legal tender...

Gediminas Castle Tower on euro banknotes

The predominant colour of such banknotes is purple. ... Actually, such view of the Tower used to be featured on a 500 French franc banknote.

The Deputy Governor's Lecture in Money Museum

The project takes place for one week, the subjects of interest are multiple — history, economy, culture

Neighbours’ Day at the Money Museum

The tour was a success and our neighbours thanked us! ... We suggest everybody to join this celebration and invite a neighbour to your place or at least to say

In purses of residents — coins marked with Baltic symbols

I also hope that this disc, once in appears in your purses, becomes a token of success and happiness,

Coin dedicated to Užgavėnės features a flaming Morė

The centre of the coins features Morė surrounded by masqueraders: a beggar, a crane, a witch baking pancakes ... The composition is surrounded by the slogan ŽIEMA, ŽIEMA, BĖK IŠ KIEMO! (winter, winter go away!)

The flat of Prime Minister Augustinas Voldemaras – The Library

The Prime Minister had accumulated a large collection of valuable books which sadly did not survive to ... The Prime Minister had accumulated a large collection of valuable books which sadly did not survive to

The Money Museum contributed to organising a creativity camp in the USA

Supported by the Lithuanian Foundation, a camp — summer creativity workshop for schoolchildren — was ... organised this summer from 20 June to 1 July at the Ateitininkai House in the USA (Lemont, Illinois).

The Return of Lost Valuables

watch which was gifted to Lithuania by a resident of the Russian city of Kaluga, Yevgeny Nikolayev, in support

Money in Caricature

In keeping with its spirit, the exhibition was opened by two men with amusing surnames: Reinoldijus Šarkinas ... and republican exhibitions and young promising talents.  22 artists from all around the country submitted

Money of Restored Lithuania. 1990–2000

The exhibition displayed litas design projects created by Lithuanian artists that were submitted to the ... the first time take a glance at banknote design projects with markings where security features were supposed

Adomas Galdikas – creator of Lithuanian banknotes

They are surrounded by a number of miniature images: agricultural implements (symbolising Lithuania as ... She also holds a cornucopia and is surrounded by the attributes of industry, art and culture.

People on Lithuanian money. Sower on the 10 litas banknote of 1927

Were there more of such cases? Apparently - yes! ... friend Antanas Tamošaitis (1906-2005), a famous painter, textile artist and collector of the time, suggested

11 November in the history of the Bank of Lithuania

euro would be adopted in 2007 (therefore the plaster models have this date on them), this was only successfully

What could Lithuanian euro coins have looked like?

A lot of suggestions were made, including featuring various Lithuanian architectural objects (e.g. ... Therefore, the competition’s conditions stated that all submitted plaster models had to feature these

The Central Jewish Bank in Kaunas

The bank to support the cooperation was established in 1920 and started its operation in 1921.

Bank of Lithuania grants awards for the most significant scientific research in economics

Jurgutis Award Audinga Baltrūnaitė examines whether firms that make political contributions are more successful ... These findings support limiting the influence of the private sector on the public sector argued for by