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An armoured soldier and two lynxes on the euro coin dedicated to Dzūkija

The composition is surrounded by inscriptions LIETUVA (Lithuania) and DZŪKIJA. ... By 2023, it is planned to issue commemorative coins dedicated to Suvalkija and Lithuania Minor, hence

Bank buildings on Gediminas Avenue

Interestingly, the building, which is focused on the money and banking history, is practically surrounded ... Two of such buildings stand side by side, at Gediminas Avenue 12 and 14.

Vladas Jurgutis - the first Governor of the Bank of Lithuania

At the Academy, this subject was taught by another famous Lithuanian, Jurgis Matulaitis (the first one ... He was very supportive of Vladas Jurgutis.

Symbolic societal construction on a coin dedicated to Social Sciences

Heart Surgery, which featured a human heart. ... The series already features coins dedicated to Heart Surgery, Baltic Studies, Physics, Technological

The flat of Prime Minister Augustinas Voldemaras

Another room that has survived to this day is the library that held a giant collection of books procured

The Operations Hall

purchase commemorative or collector coins, exchange litas to euro, exchange worn or damaged euros, submit ... The two-storey Operations Hall is surrounded by a Corinthian colonnade and a corridor that connects both

The First Lithuanian Coins

Christianity, and most likely by Grand Duke Algirdas of Lithuania (1345–1377) at the end of his rule or by his successor

Vytis: from the Lithuanian denar to the euro

On 4 September 1991, the Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania approved the second version of

The Sea Opens up the World

which was used in the 14th–17th century to determine a vessel’s latitude from the angle between the sun

Litas: Traditions and the Present

These designs were submitted to the French company Francois Charles Oberthur that was supposed to print

Money in Photographs

From all works submitted by 45 participants from various regions of the country, 164 photographs were ... were presented by famous and internationally acclaimed photographers: Romualdas Požerskis, Antanas Sutkus

Pre-sale of the commemorative coin dedicated to Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve starts on 12 May

The national side of the coin depicts the characteristic surroundings of Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve:

Money Museum will be accepting visitors again!

Our working hours will be the same as always during the summer: Tuesday–Friday from 10:00 to 19:00 and ... Sunday from 11:00 to 18:00.

People on Lithuanian money. Women

There were competitions announced and a lot of suggestions were considered, although many of them were ... to feature symbolic figures, such as a peasant with a straw hat and a reed pipe).

People on Lithuanian money. Jonas Basanavičius

The commemorative banknotes were supposed to be released into circulation on 16 February 1938, however ... In the summer of 1940, the country was occupied by the Soviet Union.

Juozas Tūbelis – the third Chairman of the Bank of Lithuania

He became the Chairman on 1 October 1938, succeeding Vladas Stašinskas who held this position for the ... Undoubtedly, such career changes were related to the fact that Tūbelis and Smetona were both family and

29 April in the history of the Bank of Lithuania

participates in the IMF’s Financial Sector Assessment Program and other activities as well as grants support

Lithuania’s temporary monetary tokens of 1991-1993

When Lithuania’s economy suffered the hyperinflation of the rouble, in the summer of 1991 the Bank of ... It was also planned to release a 1,000 talonas banknote which was supposed to feature the king of the

Lithuanian coins issued in 1925

In 1922, the Bank of Lithuania successfully implemented a monetary reform and introduced the first national ... In 1922, the Bank of Lithuania successfully implemented a monetary reform and introduced the first national

Designs of litas banknotes

On 18 May 1989, the Supreme Soviet of the Lithuanian SSR passed the Law on the Economic Autonomy of the ... Lithuanian artists Miknevičius, Pocius, Jonaitis, Mandeika, Bartkus, Tolvaišis and Valantinas were submitted

Historic pictures. Destroying talonas

they are often mockingly called “little beasts” or by a diminutive made from a famous politician’s surname

From the Money Museum’s treasury. Adolf Hitler and the Bank of Lithuania

This fact itself may not be very surprising. ... Munich Agreement (also known as the Munich Betrayal) was signed, Germany occupied Czechoslovakia’s Sudeten

The first attempt to establish a central bank in Lithuania

The Grand Duke was supposed to supplement this sum with profit gained from coin mintage. ... The fund comprised in this manner was supposed to be used to pay representatives that were sent to the

Money of the occupied Vilnius region 1919-1939

During the second stage, up to 300 zloty were exchanged at the same rate and if this sum was exceeded

The Act of March 11 signatories, who worked in the Bank of Lithuania

The Act of the Re-Establishment of the State of Lithuania was signed by 124 deputies of the Supreme Council ... After the law was passed, working groups were created and had to submit their conception and drafts.