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Secrets of the coin minting exposed at the Money Museum

They can be distinguished visually as well: counterfeit coins have a rather matt surface. .

New tours at the Money Museum

What names were suggested for the Lithuanian currency? What is depicted on interwar litas?  

Fintech market leaders from around the world gather in Vilnius

“I am very pleased that in such a short period of time Lithuania has become the center of Fintech that ... The key to our success story is a common strategic and progressive approach and action at all levels

Bank of Lithuania’s Real Estate Conference in Kaunas: No real estate bubble, yet uncertainty lingers

to encourage house purchase in the regions can raise RE prices in areas deemed eligible for housing support ... ‘Housing price changes go hand in hand with wages, the RE market remains sufficiently liquid and poses

The world's first digital collector coin is under way

Aiming to create such a unique innovation in numismatics, we have to finish all the work in a timely

FinTech companies showed avid interest in the LBChain project

garnered significant attention among European FinTech companies: with 21 registrations from countries such ... garnered significant attention among European FinTech companies: with 21 registrations from countries such

European Cultural Days in Frankfurt to promote Lithuania

concerts of performers of classical music at Europe’s financial centre Frankfurt am Main at the end of summer ... concerts of performers of classical music at Europe’s financial centre Frankfurt am Main at the end of summer

Bank of Lithuania cash offices to resume provision of essential services

Such a decision was made by the Board of the Bank of Lithuania. ... were exchanged in cash immediately); natural and legal persons wishing to exchange coins will have to submit

The first paper money of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Paper was only used to issue debit notes, not as a substitute for money. ... However, the circumstances surrounding this were quite sombre.

31 March in the history of the Bank of Lithuania

monetary and financial system stability; it develops and improves international standards in banking supervision

The history of Samogitian money

Such a method of issuing temporary money was also applied in occupied territories, Lithuania included ... occupied by Germans in 1915, may have had vouchers issued with a stamp of the Telšiai committee for the support

Seimas appoints Gediminas Šimkus as Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania

The strength of the Bank of Lithuania as an institution lies in its independent and apolitical nature supported ... Bank of Lithuania in 2002, as Economist at the Off-site Monitoring Division of the Credit Institutions Supervision

Commemorative coin to promote a unique place in Lithuania – the Hill of Crosses

It survived the Soviet occupation thanks to the unbreakable spirit of our nation, and when the independence

Resolutions of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania: Coin dedicated to Scouts to be issued

The amended regulations also lay down that the Commission for Granting Awards shall submit offers for ... The Board of the Bank of Lithuania so decided, supplementing the plan for coin issue.

In purses of residents — coins marked with Baltic symbols

I also hope that this disc, once in appears in your purses, becomes a token of success and happiness,

2 euro commemorative coin, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the EU Flag, to be issued

The other side features the European flag, surrounded by human silhouettes, in the centre.

Collector coins dedicated to Joninės feature a stylised fern blossom

The reverse of the coins features symbols characteristic of Joninės: a blooming fern, the moon, the sun

New €2 coin to make sutartinės known across Europe

Today, the Bank of Lithuania issues into circulation the €2 commemorative coin dedicated to sutartinės ... This time, the new coin showcases the unique Lithuanian heritage – folk songs sutartinės.

Creating a RegTech solution: 3 stages

invites financial innovators to participate in the creation of a RegTech solution which would allow the supervisor ... to automatically obtain data required for supervisory purposes, thus reducing the administrative burden

Coin dedicated to Vilnius – a testament to a thriving capital

One million of such coins minted are legal tender across the euro area. ... One million of such coins minted are legal tender...

Coin dedicated to Užgavėnės features a flaming Morė

The centre of the coins features Morė surrounded by masqueraders: a beggar, a crane, a witch baking pancakes ... The composition is surrounded by the slogan ŽIEMA, ŽIEMA, BĖK IŠ KIEMO! (winter, winter go away!)

The Deputy Governor's Lecture in Money Museum

The project takes place for one week, the subjects of interest are multiple — history, economy, culture

Neighbours’ Day at the Money Museum

The tour was a success and our neighbours thanked us! ... We suggest everybody to join this celebration and invite a neighbour to your place or at least to say

Bronius Povilaitis - the first Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania

Exactly 30 years ago, on 13 March 1990, in accordance with the Supreme Council – Reconstituent Seimas ... When Povilaitis first started working, there basically was no bank as such yet, there was no adopted

The First Lithuanian Coins

Christianity, and most likely by Grand Duke Algirdas of Lithuania (1345–1377) at the end of his rule or by his successor