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Bank of Lithuania to issue a coin “Together with Ukraine” in aid to Ukraine

The centre of the coin features a stylised sunflower with petals resembling silhouettes of people holding

Aurochs and oak branches on a euro coin dedicated to Suvalkija (Sūduva)

peasants were freed from serfdom under better conditions and earlier than elsewhere, in the early 19th century


In the centre of the exhibition are the ancient coin hoards and jewellery articles with incorporated ... able to learn about the development of mintage: take a closer look at the tools used in primitive 15th-century

Vilnius 700. History of the Vilnius mints

Vilnius became a political and economic centre as early as in the 14th century. ... It was also the centre of the diocese. It was also the place where public finances were kept.

30th anniversary of the litas. Creation of the first litas banknotes

Lithuania and had many years of experience in money production, which he gained while working at the Central ... monuments in paper money, acknowledged the need to confirm the uniform nominal system of litas and cents

Let’s remember the litas. Darius and Girėnas in litas banknotes

their tragic death on the threshold of Lithuania is one of the most famous Lithuanian feats of the 20th century ... The centre of the obverse featured portraits of pilots, and on the reverse — Lituanica, flying over the

30th anniversary of the litas. Currency issue

The minimum reserve ratio of commercial banks held at the central bank was increased from 10% to 12%, ... national currency of the Republic of Lithuania, the unit of which is the litas and its 100th part — the centas

30th anniversary of the litas. The first steps towards issuing the litas

This concept stipulated that Lithuania’s autonomous credit system was to consist of the central Lithuanian ... central bank, created from the Republic of Lithuania bank of the USSR State Bank, performing the functions

Bank of Lithuania and cards

At the beginning of the 20th century, the government announced competitions for the creation of cards

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