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Remembering the litas. 20 and 50 litas banknotes

Initially, the portraits were placed in the centre of the obverse, but Kęstutis Lynikas explained that ... banknotes are usually folded in half, and a portrait drawn in the centre will be constantly folded.

The Litas: A Century-Long Way. Collection of Articles

These articles are based on papers presented at the conference “The Litas: A Century-Long  Way”. . ... These articles are based on papers presented at the conference “The Litas: A Century-Long  Way”.

Contemporary money

Lithuania – its history since establishment in 1990 to the present day, path towards the European System of Central

The establishment of the Bank of Lithuania in 1990

operation only after the independence of Lithuania was re-established and continued the traditions of the central ... Auksinas (ostmark) that was in circulation until this day was replaced by litas and cents.

11 August in the history of the Bank of Lithuania

It is important to note that formally it was not the central bank of Lithuania, as it became such only

21 October in the history of the Bank of Lithuania

Interestingly, to the central bank this day is also a double celebration, related to two events of high

Litas banknotes during the interwar period. 1922-1940

Lithuania’s banknotes was signed with Andreas Haase company on 29 August 1922. 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 centas

Money counterfeiting in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Suceava county in the Principality of Moldovia (current day Romania) had become the centre for coin counterfeiting

How a statue created by a sculptor from Vilnius ended up on Russian money

In 1995, Russia’s central bank issued a new 500,000 rouble banknote (which became a 500-rouble banknote ... Interestingly, after the banknotes were issued, the mayor of Taganrog requested the central bank to pay

Development of the Bank of Lithuania’s digital collector coin has entered its final phase

The central bank has already completed the e-shop’s User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Lithuanian and Polish central banks to issue coins dedicated to the Constitution of 1791

The central banks have already agreed on common motifs and inscriptions to be reflected on these precious ... Moreover, the central bank will also introduce additions to its coin series: in 2021, it plans to issue

Four coins dedicated to creators of the Republic of Lithuania presented at the House of Signatories

‘Symbolically, the Centennial coins are presented at the place where the document due to which we can ... commemorate the Centenary of the restored Lithuania has emerged.

Coin dedicated to the 100th anniversary will remind Europe of the history of the Baltic States

The coin will send a message of unbreakable unity among the Baltic States and of their centenaries. ... This is the first commemorative coin to be jointly issued by three euro area central banks.

ECB Governing Council to hold its June monetary policy meeting in Vilnius

On 5-6 June, the Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) will hold its external meeting ... “A key role of central banks is to conduct monetary policy.

Third lecture 3X3

’s accession to the European Union on 1 May 2004, the Bank of Lithuania became part of the European Central

The start of activities of the Bank of Lithuania in 1922

The auksinas (Ostmarks) that circulated previously began to be exchanged into litas and centas. ... The Bank of Lithuania’s central office was temporarily based in the building of the former Kaunas branch

Bank of Lithuania cash offices in Vilnius and Kaunas to temporarily close

The key functions of the central bank will be carried out as usual: the Bank of Lithuania will continue ... to preserve the stability of the financial system, execute payments of CENTROlink system participants

Guests from Armenia and Belarus

Guests from two central banks visited the Money Museum this week! ... Representatives of the central banks of Belarus and Armenia got acquainted with the Museum’s exposition

Money of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

At the end of the 18th century, with the partition of the Commonwealth, its monetary system collapsed ... In the mid-17th century, the ducat was equal to 6 zloty, while at the end of the century it was equated

The Money Museum took part in Culture Night

the Museum’s exhibits and try out the interactive tools available there — strike a coin in the 16th-century

Lithuanian and Polish central banks issue collector coins dedicated to the Constitution of 1791

This is a joint issue of the two central banks: the coins, depicting common motifs of the coat of arms

Two-euro coin to feature natural treasures of Žuvintas reserve

On 19 May, the central bank will issue into circulation the €2 commemorative coin dedicated to Žuvintas ... On 19 May, the central bank will issue into circulation the €2 commemorative coin dedicated to Žuvintas

World’s first digital collector coin to feature signatories of the Act of Independence

“It is especially relevant now since central banks tend to discuss these topics more openly and an outline


It also presents the history of the country's central bank of emission, the reasons behind its establishment