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Bank buildings on Gediminas Avenue

The Bank of Lithuania’s Money Museum has an excellent and convenient central location. ... Until recently, the central post office was open nearby, which means it is the very heart of Vilnius.

The First Lithuanian Coins

In the mid-19th century the Lithuanian term “Vytis” was first used by the historian Simonas Daukantas

Money in Painting

Totorių g. 3, Vilnius)   The exhibition showcased more than 30 works that centred ... The exhibition also included compositions from Lithuanian centas coins by Jūratė Bogdanavičiūtė, assemblages

The Sea Opens up the World

Most of the exhibited coins were issued in 20th-century Portugal, Somalia, the United Kingdom, Russia ... visitors to get acquainted with the Norman traveller Leif Erikson who, at the very beginning of the 11th century

People on Lithuanian money. Women

people who had led Lithuania towards 16 February 1918, i.e. personalities that lived in the 19th–20th centuries ... He repainted the portrait of Žemaitė from a well-know photo taken in the early 20th century and the printing

People on Lithuanian money. Jonas Basanavičius

From 1925, the litas and its cents were in circulation in Lithuania but they were minted outside the ... In 1993, litas banknotes and cents were released into circulation.

Designs of litas banknotes

On 14 December 1989, a contest for the creation of litas and centas designs was announced.

Historic pictures. Destroying talonas

This, of course, is not the only important date in the history of the central bank.

From the Money Museum’s treasury. Adolf Hitler and the Bank of Lithuania

Moreover, a branch of independent Lithuania’s central bank can be seen in the background. ... The building which used to house the bank now houses an entertainment centre and casino Nesė Pramogų

The first attempt to establish a central bank in Lithuania

The Bank of Lithuania was established in 1922, but the first ideas of establishing a central state bank

Money of the occupied Vilnius region 1919-1939

zloty were exchanged at the same rate and if this sum was exceeded, the exchange rate was 1 zloty to 40 centas ... Lithuanian litas and centas took its place.  . zloty, Vilnius, exchange, Lithuania, Poland.

The Act of March 11 signatories, who worked in the Bank of Lithuania

In the beginning of the 20th century, three signatories of the February 16 Act of Independence worked ... Interestingly enough, same as in the beginning of the 20th century, there were also three of them: Vilius

Ancient Baltic deities that brought fortune to people

The Sudovian Book of the 16th century describes night-time feasts that Barstukai would have in barns ... Skalsa This deity is mentioned in the written sources of the 17th century and is linked to abundance

Lithuanian Bank of Commerce

He came to Lithuania at the end of the 19th century. ... bank purchased quite a lot of shares of other various banks (Klaipėda Trade and Industry Bank, the Central

The Money Museum will be temporarily closed

Taking into account the recommendations of the European Central Bank, the general practices of the museums ... of other central banks and the decision of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and Vilnius City

The Bank of Lithuania, important dates. Litas pegged to the euro

Amendments to the Law on the Bank of Lithuania were later proposed to implement the requirements set for the central ... Member States and to change its main objective so that is the same as that of the European System of Central

The Bank of Lithuania will issue four collector coins in 2018

four collector coins – one gold and three silver – and a 2 euro commemorative coin jointly with the central ... This would be the first coin issued jointly by the central banks of the three Baltic States.

Collector coins dedicated to Joninės feature a stylised fern blossom

In its centre is a stylised ‘fern blossom’, as if peeking through a drop of dew.

Gediminas Castle Tower on euro banknotes

truth be told, these euro banknotes are not legal tender and are not officially issued by the European Central ... truth be told, these euro banknotes are not legal tender and are not officially issued by the European Central

Coin dedicated to Užgavėnės features a flaming Morė

The centre of the coins features Morė surrounded by masqueraders: a beggar, a crane, a witch baking pancakes


Lithuania – its history since establishment in 1990 to the present day, path towards the European System of Central


Republic of Lithuania, while 20 pull-out cases display banknotes used in Lithuania from the late 18th century

Simplified procedure for purchasing the digital collector coin LBCOIN

LBCOIN is the first digital coin issued by a central bank not only within the euro area but across the


The collections are stored in the Bank of Lithuania’s former cash vault with a 19th century safe door

Fragments of the History of the Republic of Lithuania. 1918–1940

The exhibition was dedicated to the centenary of the restoration of the State of Lithuania. ... The exhibition was dedicated to the centenary of the restoration of the State of Lithuania.