New tours at the Money Museum


This year we offer an even wider range of tours for adults. Visitors may choose two tours: ‘’What does the Bank of Lithuania?’’ and ‘’100 histories about the Centenary of Lithuania.’’ You are welcome to register!

Tour ‘’100 stories about the Centenary of Lithuania’’

The tour is dedicated to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the restoration of the statehood of Lithuania. Tour participants will see the exhibition ‘’Fragments of the history of the Republic of Lithuania 1918–1940’’ and will get acquainted with the most significant moments in the history of Lithuania’s Centenary. They will also hear a lot of stories about the establishment of the Bank of Lithuania and the creation of national currency. What names were suggested for the Lithuanian currency? What is depicted on interwar litas?  What were the salaries of the Bank’s employees a hundred years ago?  These are just a few from the many topics to be discussed during this tour.

Tour ’’What does the Bank of Lithuania?

How was the Bank of Lithuania established? Where did gold reserves accumulated in the interwar period disappear? What are the main functions of the Bank of Lithuania today? The past, the present and the future of the Bank of Lithuania. Tour participants will, interactively and in a playful manner, get acquainted with the activities of the Bank of Lithuania, realise the importance of this institution to Lithuania, and will find out how the Bank of Lithuania can be useful for them.

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