Free lectures at the Money Museum!


The Money Museum, with the aim of increasing knowledge of the Bank of Lithuania’s activities and promoting financial literacy, commences a cycle of lectures for the public. The name of the cycle is 3x3. On the third Wednesday of each month, lectures on relevant subjects of finance, banking and monetary history will be delivered in the Education Hall at the Money Museum.

A meeting with Titas Budrys, Advisor to the Member of the Board, was scheduled for 21 October 2015. The lecture ‘What does the Bank of Lithuania do?’ will be delivered. The Advisor to the Member of the Board will introduce what the Bank of Lithuania does, what its objectives, instruments and business directions are, what the role of the central bank is following the adoption of the euro.

In November, we, together with Ramunė Juzėnienė, Senior Specialist at the Cash Production Organisation and Examination Division of the Cash Service, will recall what we should know about euro banknotes and coins, what their major security features are, we will find out when and how banknotes unfit for circulation are destroyed, and will get acquainted with the 20 euro banknote of the Europa series, which will soon appear in circulation.

Up to 25 people can participate in one lecture. To register for the event, advance registration is necessary online.

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