Location: Bank of Lithuania (Gedimino pr. 6)

On 1 March 2000, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Bank of Lithuania, the exhibition “Money of Restored Lithuania.

1990-2000” was opened. It reviewed the history of national money creation and production in 1990–2000 (after the restoration of Lithuania’s independence) and featured money sketches, models and means of production as well as contemporary banknotes and coins. With the Bank of Lithuania’s establishment on 1 March 1990 and the restoration of Lithuania’s independence on 11 March, it was decided that litas banknotes were to be printed at the French company François-Charles Oberthur. The exhibition displayed litas design projects created by Lithuanian artists that were submitted to the said company. Visitors could for the first time take a glance at banknote design projects with markings where security features were supposed to be incorporated. As negotiations with the company did not end in agreement, litas banknotes were later decided to be printed at the United States Banknote Corporation.

The exhibition also featured banknote design projects used by the company for printing litas banknotes of the 1991 issue, as well as banknote sample sheets and other means of production of the 1991 and 1993 issues. Significant attention was paid to talonas design projects dated 1992 and 1993 and their printing blocks and prints, as well as means of banknote production of later issues. A large part of the exhibition consisted of Lithuanian circulation and commemorative coin design projects, models and their production tools. In addition, the exhibition for the first time displayed submissions to various money creation and production competitions accumulated by the Bank of Lithuania throughout the decade.