Money in Caricature II. Money Changes, Humour Stays

Location: Gallery of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association (Vokiečių g. 2, Vilnius)


With the approaching adoption of the euro in Lithuania, the caricature competition/exhibition “Money Changes, Humour Stays” was organised as a farewell to the national currency, the litas, which brought together both professional artists and amateur authors. 

Each contestant was allowed to present up to six works drawn on paper or created digitally. The key criteria for evaluation included the artistry of works, their individual style, aesthetics, creativeness and comic, satirical or ironic content. The jury, which consisted of representatives from the Money Museum and the Lithuanian Cartoonists Association Humor Sapiens, was presented 134 works by 27 authors. The winners were announced during the unveiling of the exhibition. First place was awarded to Gintaras Jocius, second – Ilja Bereznickas and third – Šarūnas Jakštas. Consolation prizes were presented to Jonas Varnas, Justina Puidokaitė and Gintautas Stankevičius.

The exhibition was the second exhibition of this type organised by the Money Museum jointly with the cartoonists’ community. The first one took place in 2000, where 22 authors presented more than 100 caricatures and works of satirical plasticism.

Exhibition catalogue