The flat of Prime Minister Augustinas Voldemaras – The Office

When visiting Augustinas Voldemaras’ office, the first thing you notice is its elliptical shape. The yellow and dark blue cabinet is decorated with black columns, an 8-meter-high dome decked with flowers and a chandelier hanging from a long chain.

Oak-frame windows with bronze binding give panoramic views of Kaunas city. Slightly rounded window frames and glass, manufactured abroad, were a special order of the Bank of Lithuania. At the time, it was a completely new and extremely expensive innovation.

The authentic furniture here is included in the Cultural Heritage Register protected by the state. At the back of the office is a wooden writing desk with mythological creature carvings on its sides. On the front left side there is a Siren, on the front right side – Triton. The images of the Siren and Triton are connected by a carved garland of dahlias and other blossoms. Over the legs of the meeting table there are four S-shaped consoles. Four-toed animal paws finish them at the bottom. The table is decorated with carvings of acanthus leaves and garlands of asters, roses and other stylised flower blossoms. Around the table are oak chairs upholstered with black leather. Their front legs are curved, cabriole style, ending with four-toed animal paws. There is also an oak cabinet, the doors of which are decorated with multi-coloured wood, depicting the motifs of a vase, rose, carnation and tulip. The top of the cabinet is marble. Its legs and corner elements are bronze.

The office is decorated with a 19th century Japanese porcelain vase. The surface of the monumental vase is decorated with Japanese ornaments that frame little scenes depicting Japanese life. On a pedestal there is a sculpture by Juozas Mikėnas titled “Boy with a Dove”.