Visual material

„Lithuania. Litas“

Lithuania. Litas (dir. R. Šilinis, Lietuvos kino studija, 1999 m. 15 min. 24 sek.). Short film introduces to the history of Lithuanian national currency litas.

LMK – Lithuanian Mint

 LMK – Lithuanian Mint (Lietuvos bankas, 08 min. 21 sec.). Short film introducing to Lithuanian Mint.

„The Euro’s Journey to Lithuania”

(Lietuvos bankas, 2015 m., 08 min. 22 sec.,)We invite you to acquaint yourself with the film “The Euro’s Journey to Lithuania”, specially created by the Bank of Lithuania. It is a dynamic, 8-minute video chronicle, which, using visual material from the Bank of Lithuania, Lithuanian National Radio and Television and the European Commission archives, consistently illustrates the key events and dates related to the euro adoption. The film depicts unique scenes from the minting of the Lithuanian euro, delivery of the euro banknotes to Lithuania and the first moments of 2015. (Lietuvos bankas, 2015 m., 08 min. 22 sec.,)

„The Money Museum“

Pinigų muziejus eng – (Vaizdo komunikacijų centras, Lietuvos bankas, 2010) – the short film introduces to the Money Museum and the main exhibits.

„Vytis. Centuries old tradition | Lithuanian euro coins“

Vytis. Centuries old tradition | Lithuanian euro coins - An armoured knight on horseback, with a shield and raised sword. Why is he depicted on the national side of the Lithuanian euro coins? This is an old symbol from the Lithuanian state coat-of-arms and usually, as the coat of arms itself, is called the Vytis.