The Money Museum took part in Culture Night

Hundreds of Culture Night events took place on 19 June in Vilnius. The Money Museum joined the programme. It was open even until midnight and prepared a special programme. The theme of the Money Museum’s events on Culture Night was “Money: Interesting Facts and Secrets”. At 9 and 10 p.m. the Museum invited visitors for special tours. During them museum visitors found out which country’s currency was used when Lithuania re-established its independence on 16 February 1918, what the Italian word banco means, in which country salt was used instead of money, etc. Night-time film sessions, revealing puzzles related to the facts of monetary history took place in the Education Hall. During the event, individual visitors were able to view all of the Museum’s exhibits and try out the interactive tools available there — strike a coin in the 16th-century minting method; find out their value at today’s metal market prices if they were made of gold, silver or platinum; visit 200 countries of the world and find out what currency is used in one country or another, what their economic situation is, as well as broaden their geographical knowledge of the countries of the world.

The Museum was visited by an abundance of guests. During the Culture Night it welcomed more than 1,200 visitors! Welcoming of visitors was assisted by quite a number of volunteers, to whom we say thank you!