The Money Museum contributed to organising a creativity camp in the USA

Supported by the Lithuanian Foundation, a camp — summer creativity workshop for schoolchildren — was organised this summer from 20 June to 1 July at the Ateitininkai House in the USA (Lemont, Illinois). During the creative exercises, by invoking subjects from Lithuanian history, the camp leaders (Julija Kazilaitė, Rolandas Dabrukas, Sigita Kazlienė, Jolanta Lechavičienė) helped schoolchildren uncover the secrets of applied and fine art, strengthened their cultural motivation, revealed the children’s abilities, individuality, originality.

The Lithuanian Americans were introduced to Lithuania’s monetary history; the Money Museum also contributed to this. We are glad that we could not only share relevant materials, but also ideas. We wish that the ideas to enlighten children abroad do not vanish in the future.