The Lithuanian Money Hall

In the Lithuanian Money Hall, furniture with eight vertical automatic conveyors is assembled. On each of the conveyors, 30 plastic cards with the coins of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Republic of Lithuania and other territories, which had been in circulation in our country, are assembled. By pushing a button the visitor may regulate the height of viewing the cards with the coins, raise or pull down the lens, which also enables them to examine the barely visible tiny elements of a coin. Stationary cases display the commemorative (collectors) coins of the Republic of Lithuania, and the 20 pull-out cases display the banknotes used in our country from the late 18th century to the present.
The hall posters highlight two stages in the issue of Lithuanian money — the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Republic of Lithuania and on a TV screen documentaries about the creation of Lithuanian coins and banknotes are shown non-stop.