“The friendliest museum 2012”

The Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities (LAPD), after conducting an investigation of the country’s 69 cultural and leisure objects, announced the Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania in Vilnius as “the friendliest museum 2012” and awarded it with a special prize and diploma. Over 1.2 thousand people with disabilities (about 5 per cent of total visitors) visited the Money Museum in 2012. The President of the Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities Rasa Kavaliauskaitė claimed: “The Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania is distinguished among other museums in that it is accessible not only to people in wheelchairs, but is adapted to visitors with hearing disabilities and those who are visually impaired.” A special elevator helps disabled people in wheel chairs overcome the staircase by the entrance to the Museum. Another elevator inside the Museum can help reach the exhibition halls over two floors. Stands have buttons by pushing which disabled visitors in wheelchairs can pull down the magnifying glasses to their eye level and view the exhibited coin collections. There is also a WC adapted to people with disabilities. For visually handicapped visitors, the Museum offers an audio guide specially adapted to them. The Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania is the first museum in the Baltic States which has installed an electronic system of translating into sign language. For people with a hearing disability, the narration about the Museum’s exhibition is translated into sign language on the screen of a tablet computer.