The Contemporary Money Hall

World money exhibited in the Contemporary Money Hall introduces visitors to the banknotes and coins used in different countries today. The visitor can only view the banknotes, exhibited in special drawers, after pulling open a drawer with the name of a selected country. The drawers are connected by special sensors to a computer programme which activates the screen on a video wall and presents on it different additional information about the selected country: its political system, area, population, GDP per capita, all denominations of presently valid circulation banknotes and coins, other economic and financial data. This information can be seen by the visitor on a giant screen by using a computer terminal, where the precise statistical data of almost 200 world states is presented.
In this hall a lot of attention is paid to Lietuvos bankas — the central bank of the Republic of Lithuania. The exhibits displayed in the showcases tell about the production of contemporary Lithuanian money, its productions materials, the technological solutions applied by different producers; uncirculated specimen banknotes are also on display. The posters in place in the hall highlight the history of the Bank of Lithuania since its establishment in 1990 to the present day, the way covered while joining the European System of Central Banks, and the actions taken in adopting the single currency of the European Union, the euro. On the computer terminals the visitor can find more detailed information about the functions of the Bank of Lithuania, view a cartoon for school-age children about the primary objective of central banks — maintaining price stability, familiarise oneself with banknote security features and immediately verify the authenticity, by UV detection, of a banknote held in their hand.