Securities in Lithuania. Shares and bonds. 1872–1940

Compiled by and the introductory text written by V. Laurinavičius, artist A. Jazbutis. Vilnius: Lietuvos bankas, 2001, 272 p., in Lithuanian and English (400 copies), 236 colour illustrations. Edited by E. Vilkauskienė, translated into English by D. Augulytė. The publication describes securities of the state, municipalities, joint stock company banks, other credit institutions and public limited liability companies. An overview is given of about 200 various securities from the Museum of the Bank of Lithuania, National Museum of Lithuania, National M.K. Čiurlionis Museum, Museum of the History of Lithuania Minor, Trakai History Museum, collections of Šiauliai Aušra Museum, private collections of A. Kubilas and V. Poviliūnas.