Renewed cash office offers more services for residents

Renewed cash office of the Bank of Lithuania in Žirmūnai, Vilnius, offers more services for residents

A renewed, upgraded and more convenient for customers cash office of the Bank of Lithuania, which had been under repair since last November, commences operation at Žirmūnų g. 151 in Vilnius today.  

This cash office, similar to the other cash offices of the Bank of Lithuania, provides new services, relevant to residents: exchange of euro banknotes into higher or lower denominations in unlimited amounts free of charge, acquisition (exchange) of uncirculated circulation and commemorative euro coins with the Lithuanian national side at nominal value. As before, the cash office exchanges litas into euro, while worn out and damaged euros — into cash fit for circulation, free of charge.

A convenient queue management system operates at the cash office in Žirmūnai; each customer is serviced in an area ensuring their confidentiality. In addition, a device for the collection and distribution of large packages is installed, a so-called ‘sluice’, for servicing official distributors of the numismatic items of the Bank of Lithuania.

‘One of the most popular services at our cash offices is the acquisition of collector or commemorative coins, especially on their issue dates. Hence, in the future, seeking to provide more user-friendly conditions for collectors both from Lithuania and other countries to acquire numismatic items issued by the Bank of Lithuania, we plan to create an online shop, where residents will be able to purchase coins with just a few clicks and without standing in the queue,’ says Deivis Stankevičius, Director of the Cash Service of the Bank of Lithuania.

According to him, after upgrading the Bank of Lithuania’s cash office in Žirmūnai and expanding its possibilities, all services provided to the public will be concentrated at this cash office. The cash office of the Bank of Lithuania at Totorių g. 2/8 will only provide services only until 1 July.

The table below will tell you what services are provided at the Bank of Lithuania’s cash offices in Vilnius and Kaunas.


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