New exhibits at the Museum

Our permanent exhibition features more than a dozen new exhibits!

The silver bars section has multiplied in particular. Visitors will now be able to not only view Lithuanian longs or other silver bar-type money used in the territory of the GDL, but also bars from Central Europe, Latvian-type bars, Tartar soms, etc.

New exhibits have also been added to the stand with coins from Antiquity. Visitors will now be able to compare the size of a 1/24 stater, weighing just half a gram, struck in the 7th century BC, with an impressive Roman as, weighing almost 300 g, from the 3rd century BC.

They will also see new examples of the use of coins in jewellery. The Museum exhibits new mugs and dishes decorated with silver coins, the most impressive of which is probably a 19th c. vase with 29 Western European coins and medals, struck in the 16th–18th c. However, we are most happy that we have very Lithuanian exhibits as well. There are even 7 souvenir jewellery pieces with coins withdrawn from circulation, which were created by the artist Jolita Mažeikienė. Such jewellery can actually be purchased; for more details, go to

The last but not least impressive exhibit is a small-scale model of the monument for Vladas Jurgutis, the first Governor of the Bank of Lithuania, in the History of Banking Hall; this sculpture was created by the sculptor Gediminas Piekuras and erected last year on Gediminas avenue.

The exhibits can already be viewed in person. We look forward to seeing you!