New attraction at the Museum

The installation of three million litas is added by a new interactive attraction – computer game “What do you know about litas?”. Four questions are given, visitors answering three of them  right, get the prize – the video of the song about money. According to the head of the Money Museum Vidmantas Laurinavičius, the installation is finally finished and the Museum gets new modern attraction.

Solving the test you will get interesting and maybe new facts about litas and the persons who are depicted on the banknotes of litas.  For example, how many personalities are depicted on the litas banknotes? Which was the only litas banknote to feature a woman? Which banknote denomination depicted the author of the Lithuanian national anthem? Also you can guess how many banknotes make up the installation “Three Million”? How much do the banknotes in the installation “Three Million” weigh? Etc.

Please come to the Museum and try!