Money Museum participated in the Night of Museums 2015

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) initiates events of the International Museum Day. Since 2005, the international museum community is organizing the campaign European Night of Museums, which was joined by Lithuanian museums. Aim of the campaign is to show the exhibits at night when the museums are usually closed, as well as to introduce museums to the members of various communities. Events organized on the day are free for visitors.

This year the Night of the Musuems took place on 16 May.

The Money Museum invited  to visit the event of the Money Museum „The Night at the Money Museum: The Journey through the History of Money“. Museum was opened from the noon till the midnight. During the event visitors were able to watch movies from history of the Bank of Lithuania and the money of Lithuania. Two tours were organized in the Museum: The History of the Bank of Lithuania and The History of Litas. The visitors were  able to visit the exhibition of the Museum and to get special souvenirs.

The record ammount of people visited the Musuem of the Money! During the day more than 2000 visitors came!


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