Global Money Week — Invitation to Save Smart

The Global Money Week, which is celebrated in Lithuania and other countries on 14–18 March, will be rich in events for children: lectures, electronic lessons, discussions, quizzes and excursions. This year the global week’s motto invites: ‘Take part.Save smart!’

‘After a successful kick-off a couple of years ago, the Global Money Week is gaining increasingly greater momentum. A wide group of specialists from various financial and educational institutions is ready to share their experience and knowledge of personal finance, saving and its rational use. This year’s innovation — electronic lessons — will also help reach schools in distant locations of Lithuania or those who will not be able to take part in the events directly,’ says Vilius Šapoka, Director of the Financial Services and Markets Supervision Department of the Supervision Service at the Bank of Lithuania.

This year, Lithuanian children will compete in the creative comics’ competition ‘I save smart. So should you!’ announced by the Bank of Lithuania. Whilst playing and solving tests at the Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania, children will be introduced to monetary history. The Bank of Lithuania’s buildings in Kaunas will be open for schoolchildren as well. In addition, all those willing will be able to learn tricks of personal finance management through an electronic lesson. The Bank of Lithuania invites adults to take an interest in children’s financial education, organising, therefore, a discussion ‘Children and Money: Dispelling Myths!’ During it, experts in various fields will advise parents on how and at what age children should be taught about money.

Educational projects for the Global Money Week are also conducted by Vilnius University Faculty of Humanities in Kaunas, College of Social Sciences and Šiauliai State College, while representatives of SoDra will deliver lectures to 10–12 class schoolchildren on the topic of ‘You Can’t Survive on Love Alone’.

The securities exchange NASDAQ OMX Vilnius, Central Securities Depositary of Lithuania and NASDAQ technology and business support competence centre invite schoolchildren to open door days on 15, 16 and 18 March. Here schoolchildren will be able to follow on the screen real time trading in stocks, while specialists from the stock exchange will speak about what a stock exchange and depository are, and will explain the specificities of trading in securities.

Members of the Association of Lithuanian Banks, marking also Europe’s Money Week together with the Global Money Week, will invite schoolchildren to events specifically devised for them: they will conduct lessons at different schools in the country, organise discussions and games. Representatives of banks will advise on how to manage personal finances responsibly and prepare for the beginning of independent life.

Specialists from UAB Aviva Lietuva, a representative of the Lithuanian Life Insurance Companies Association, will not only discuss life inssurance with children but also how to save for a trip or a new phone, while UAB SEB gyvybės draudimas will invite children aged 6–7, together with their parents, to take part in interactive discussions — to talk in the form of a game about the significance of financial literacy, methods of saving and, most importantly, children’s future aspirations.

Joining the Global Money Week this year, Vilnius region credit union, seeking to draw children’s attention to the importance of saving, invites children to take part in the competition ‘My piggy bank’. The Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts Financiers Club and the clubPinigų srautas will share knowledge with schoolchildren, while in meetings with bailiffs, schoolchildren will learn how not to get into debt and be in control.

This year again the professional volunteering project ‘Why do we need that?!’ helps experts and schoolchildren interact, bringing together professionals and teachers from various fields, who help young people find their career direction.

Last year, the Global Money Week was met with huge interest on the part of children, parents and teachers; more than six thousand schoolchildren participated in the events of this week.

A detailed programme of events and information on registration to the events is availablehere. (Only in Lithuanian)

Participants and partners of the Global Money Week: Bank of Lithuania, professional volunteering project ‘Why do we need that?!’, Vilnius University Faculty of Humanities in Kaunas, College of Social Sciences, Šiauliai State College, State Social Security Fund Board (SoDra), Ministry of Education and Science, Association of Lithuanian Banks and its members (SEB bankas, Swedbank, Danske Bank, Šiaulių bankas, DNB bankas, Central Credit Union of Lithuania), securities exchange NASDAQ OMX Vilnius, Central Securities Depositary of Lithuania and NASDAQ technology and business support competence centre; UAB Aviva Lietuva, UAB SEB gyvybės draudimas, Vilnius region credit union, Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts Financiers Club, club Pinigų srautas, Association of Lithuanian Schoolchildren, Association the Lithuanian Chamber of Bailiffs, asset management group Invalda INVL, authorised representative of UPS in Lithuania Skubios siuntos, Lithuanian Children’s Foundation, VšĮ Lietuvos Junior Achievement, UAB Rempaka, UAB Adeo Web.

The Global Money Week in Lithuania is commemorated due to the Bank of Lithuania joining the organisation Child and Youth Finance International. Founded in 2011, the Organisation propagates the ideas of increasing financial literacy of young people and seeks that children, after graduating from secondary school, are capable of managing their finances and know how to treat money wisely. This movement currently unites over 1,000 organisations in different countries.

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