Coins of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania at the Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania

Author V. Ruzas, photographers R. Ginaitis, E. Ivanauskas, designer R. Tumėnas, author of the drawings D. Mikalauskas, Lithuanian text edited by R. Macienė, translated into English by D. Šatienė.

Vilnius: the Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania, 2015, 404 p., Lithuanian/ English., 400 copies., Lithuanian text edited by R. Macienė.

The Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania, the first among museums in Lithuania, is issuing a Catalogue of the Collection of Money of the GDL. This Catalogue publishes all money from this period accumulated at the Money Museum, from the first Lithuanian bars to the last coins, minted in Vilnius Mint in 1666. At the same time the reader is introduced to separate historical period; an overview of the development of Lithuanian money is given. The Catalogue also publishes Lithuanian counters of treasurers, minted at the Vilnius Mint, other museum material illustrating history of the money of the GDL.



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