“The most hospitable museum in Vilnius 2013”

In 2013 the Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania, which took part in the competition “Vilnius’ Hospitality 2013”, was elected as the most hospitable museum in Vilnius. From May to October 2013, residents of Vilnius, jointly with guests of the city, were invited to elect the capital city’s most hospitable sites to be visited.

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Svetingiausias Vilniaus muziejus 2013

“The Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania — among the top five museums in the world”

The Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania was selected to be among the top five central bank museums in the world. The scientific journalMintWorldCompedium prepared a list of the world’s top five money museums, and this list, in addition to our Museum, included the money museums of the central bank of Canada, Germany’s Bundesbank, South Korea and the Federal Reserve System of the United States of America.

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“The friendliest museum 2012”

The Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities (LAPD), after conducting an investigation of the country’s 69 cultural and leisure objects, announced the Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania in Vilnius as “the friendliest museum 2012” and awarded it with a special prize and diploma.

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„Draugiškiausias muziejus 2012“ diplomas